NAMS Conversion Secrets

Please Note: NAMS is offering “Conversion Secrets”as a free course, but only until the end of November. Scroll down for more information. Sorry I didn’t let you know before now, but I’ve changed to a new email service and there’s a bit of a learning curve.

NAMS David Perdew

NAMS – Novice to Advanced Marketing Systems – as many of you know, its dear to my heart. It’s the brainchild of David Perdew, shown above talking to affiliate marketer, Lynn Terry. This photo was taken at one of his rare appearances at a Canadian marketing event. Normally I have gone to Atlanta twice a year for the past many years to learn from this man and his peers, including one time I was there as an instructor.

But times change and early last year David decided that NAMS as an in-person event would be no more. Many of us looked forward to that twice yearly event, not only to stay up-to-date with online marketing trends, but also to catch up with old friends and form stronger business alliances. NAMS does have a membership and an online Facebook group called the Insiders, both of which I continue to be a part of. It could never replace the face-to-face times together, but is still a necessary part of our business growth.

Every December, David does something he calls the “NAMS Daily Deals” and this year will be no different. To kick off the event, David is offering the new NAMS course, “Conversion Secrets”, with a value of $197. But you’ll have to act fast. This offer is only good until the end of tomorrow. Click to get your copy.

Although I miss the NAMS live events, change is a part of life. In fact, I’ll be making some changes of my own in the near future and I’ll keep you informed about that. In the meantime, I encourage you to click the link and get your free Conversion Secrets course while there is still time.

To Your Online Success,

P.S. That link again for your free Conversion Secrets course is
but only until the end of November 2016.


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Beachpreneurs and Pensicola Beach

I didn’t mention in my last blog post, but I was also watching the Florida hurricane closely because I was headed to Pensicola Beach for a ladies mastermind retreat. I was there for close to four days, working with three coaches and four other awesome small business owners. We came from both sides of Canada as well as the United States and were new to one another as well as the retreat. Here’s a photo of the house we stayed at. It’s even on stilts, as were the rest of the houses there:

Florida beach house

Yes, the surroundings were amazing, although I didn’t go in the ocean. I walked along the beach and seeing all the jellyfish that had been left by the tide made me a little nervous to swim in it.

Our sessions together were everything I had hoped for. We spent most of our time together, cooking, creating vision books, talking about our challenges and celebrating our successes. The first night was spent talking about our mindset, which was something I’ve never done, and ended up being very helpful.

I knew I was going to work on my business, what I didn’t know was that I would start talking about my dream for the future. About all of the women I hoped to help someday soon. And once I started sharing what I wanted to do, these amazing women were ready with suggestions to make my goal a reality. In the coming weeks, I’m going to tell you more about what I want to do and am hoping you will catch my vision too. It’s too big for me to accomplish alone!

To Your Online Success,



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Thanksgiving Thoughts

Thanksgiving turkeyI’m sitting here at my desk feeling very thankful today. Partly because Canadian Thanksgiving is a few days away and that gives me pause to consider all the things I have to be thankful for. In fact, a friend of mine who is struggling to get through chemotherapy told me how thankful she is for all the little things like flowers, the beautiful colours of the trees this time of year, fresh air, and even the gift of waking up every day and having life.

I have friends in Florida who are in the wake of the hurricane about to hit there. They’ve been posting on Facebook that the hotels are all booked and the roads are crowded with cars – everyone trying to leave.

Then I read posts from others offering shelter, for not only the families affected, but their pets and their extended family. That makes me thankful that in spite of so much negative news, there are still so many people in the world who are kind and caring towards their fellow man.

I’m thankful that I have the freedom to sit here at my desk and write to you today. I want you to realize how much I appreciate your support by giving you a coupon for my most current and highly rated Udemy courses for $10 each. If you can’t use the coupons yourself, feel free to pass them on to someone else who might be interested.

Here are the coupon codes for you:

Please note that the content of Instant Newsletters is also included in the larger Paperli Profits course so you don’t need both of them.

Have a wonderful rest of the day and take the time to look around you at all of the blessings we have been given. I do appreciate you!

To your online success,


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Introduction to Domain Names and Hosting

Need a course to build your online foundation?

'Foundation' Bootcamp

A Solid Base For Your Online Business!

Domains and Hosting, Setting up a Wordpress Website, Building an Email List, and Productivity Tools and Outsourcing.

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Facebook Ads Tips

My Facebook Page

I recently attended a workshop put on by Facebook for small business owners to help them with Facebook Ads. Here are some of my takeaways, including the statistics, which I found pretty interesting.


  • When is your market on Facebook? For example, new moms are on Facebook from four to seven in the morning because their babies are awake
  • On Facebook you become part of someone’s life
  • People spend 22 hours a day with their mobile phones at their side and globally there are now more mobile phones than there are people
  • Only 10% of people in Uganda have electricity, but 30% have a mobile phone
  • 21 million Canadians are on Facebook and most from their mobile phones
  • Canadians love Facebook, even more than Americans do
  • 60% of Instagram users like to hear about new products
  • 50 million business users are on Facebook

General Tips:

  • The world is visually focused so use images to tell a story
  • Videos are even more popular, 100 million hours of video are watched daily
  • Use Messenger to keep in touch on Facebook with potential clients. Mention that you will typically answer in a specific amount of time.
  • You need to create really relevant content so people can see it
  • What is your objective on Facebook? Is it exposure, leads, sales?
  • Right message to right market
  • Use Hyperlapse (an app) to show a video in super-speed (more interesting)
  • Facebook shows your top five most recent posts
  • You can mange everything with the Facebook mobile app and can set the time for your posts to display
  • Use Insights to see interests, demographics, age, etc of your audience

Other Facebook Ad Options:

  • Custom audiences are either people you already connect with (upload a CSV file) or a look-alike audience that is similar to people you know
  • The Stratford Festival used custom audiences to target their past customers who hadn’t made a second purchase
  • Use a Facebook pixel (code that goes on your site) to target custom audiences based on people who visited your website and then liked your Facebook page. Then you can target a lookalike audience similar to those people.

Effective Ads:

  • Boosting your post is the easiest to start with
  • Then start using the ads manager, including the Power Editor
  • Select ‘Create an Ad’ in the right drop-down on your page. You can select ‘Local Awareness’ and get a map of your local area, then age and demographics choices, and amount you want to spend. Upload an image and add text. If you can include a ‘Get Directions’ button, your readers can click and get directions to your location right away.
  • Website clicks or website conversions are two other Facebook campaigns if either of those options are your objective for the ad.
  • When you create an ad, you become involved in a bidding process according to how you budget your ads.

Creative Best Practices:

  • Leverage and customize the call-to-action buttons on your page
  • Don’t write too much text
  • Test and repeat
  • You can add a series of images to crate a slideshow, which loads faster than video
  • A carousel ad is a series of photos, each with a call to action. This type of ad has the best results because of a decrease in costs. Carousel ads can be used to show a single product or tell a story and can also be used on Instagram.
  • Watch your Relevancy score and your Audience Insights
  • Your goal is to capture your visitor’s attention in 3 seconds

Facebook Advice From the Small Business Panel:

  • Have a detailed About section on your Facebook page
  • You can start your page even when you are still in the planning stages for a brick and mortar location
  • Try targeting by postal code when doing ads
  • Use keywords in your ads and think about where people are in the buying cycle in relation to your product or service
  • If your business is entirely online, when you go to a trade show or other event, choose your keywords that way.
  • For a Valentines Day ad, target men if your product is jewelry or flowers
  • Do one or two Facebook ads a day and learn when your customers are on Facebook so you can display your ad during those times
  • Often people may not see your original ad, but their friends will tag them if the ad is relevant and they will see it then
  • You can use the Shop Now call to action button and link it to an Etsy store
  • Comments are really important, get people interacting
  • You need a great inviting image, for posts as well as ads
  • If you see a post doing well, use it as an ad
  • Use your readers’ photos when possible

That’s it. I hope you enjoyed reading my notes as much as I enjoy writing them. But the most important thing is to take action, not just read about best practices. I’m planning to start using Facebook Live to answer questions on my Facebook Page and would love to have you join me at and comment about the kinds of topics you’d like me to talk about.

To Your Online Success,

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