Crawling Toward My Dreams

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babySome days I make such small steps it seems like I’m crawling. Especially these days when my time is taken up with helping family and taking care of my own home and my health. But the important thing is that I’m going forward and when I fall down I pick myself up and start moving again.

I’ve missed doing my podcasts lately, but I haven’t given up and I do plan to get going with it again as soon as my life allows it.

One thing I have done is put together a lot of the productivity tools and tips I use online and created a new course. I’ve added it to the Udemy platform and if you think it might be helpful to you, I’ve created 50 coupons so you can take the course for much less. Click here and if you need a coupon code it’s: MYPEOPLE.

Have a great rest of the summer, take a little step forward every day, and watch for my next podcast. I appreciate you!




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