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Are You Still Going Toward Your Goals?

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Here we are at the beginning of February already! We started with a clear view of our goals for the year, but are we still going in a straight line towards them?

I don’t know about you, but I’m so easily distracted, especially when there are a lot of things going on. And for most of is, that’s most of the time. Don’t think when you retire, or semi-retire, you’ll have all the time in the world. I haven’t experienced that yet, and I’m almost seventy. In fact, I don’t think I’d like it if time never went quickly.

Mind you, I like a slow start in the morning, with my coffee, my Bible, and my comfy rocking chair. Once I have that relaxed ‘me’ time, I like to be busy. Right now we are fixing our house up and getting ready to downsize. So there are plenty of opportunities to get distracted.

But I realized if I keep my goals in view and work on at least one little thing per day to drive toward them, before long I’ll get there. Today, my blog post and email might be the only tasks I have time for, but that’s enough. I’m not Superlady and you don’t need to be either.

I also realized it’s too easy to let Facebook steal my time. Before I know it, a half hour is gone and all I meant to do was look at the photos my family posted. So I hid Facebook in another part of my phone where it doesn’t tempt me whenever I see the screen.

Don’t let the busyness of life give your momentum a flat tire. What little thing can you do today to move forward and take back your time?

Wishing you a wonderful rest of the day,

P.S. I felt quite motivated after reading this blog post about Eisenhower

Beginning 2018 With a Plan

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If you’ve been following my journey this past year, I knew I wanted to do something more purposeful and that could help women to improve their lives financially. I also knew it should have something to do with virtual work, since the women would usually not be able to find or keep traditional jobs because of challenges with health, age, family responsibilities, or background. Volunteering at a local women’s prison and with a prison aftercare program have both strengthened that desire in me. So far, my path looks like this photo:

impossible climb

What I want to do seems so high and impossible to get to. But I have been making progress and thought you might like to see my steps so far.

  • My goal is to start an incubator to help women grow an income virtually. It will offer companionship, accountability, brainstorming, training as needed, and job leads.
  • I’ve got two other ladies on board with me to do whatever is needed and have registered a business name and domain names.
  • There will be a non-profit side of it and a for profit, so I need to register the non-profit (no experience with that at all) and do all the data needed for that.
  • The incubator will have an online membership component for women outside of the area and a physical location in my downtown area, close to transportation – that place still needs to be found, although there are a couple of possibilities. I’ll need computers, chairs, and desks for the offline location. Plus some cozy furniture for our times just being together.
  • We have an idea of the services and training we can offer and what will set us apart.
  • Our two needs now are to find out what services and content topics marketers and business people may need, and to connect with those people who will need our services and content.

I’m excited, although I realize it’s a long term vision and I may have to climb a lot higher than I ever have before. I’d love your feedback and advice as we move forward.

Have a great 2018,


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Practical Help To Change Your World

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I’ve been feeling down about the fact that I get so many ideas and want to do so many things, but I constantly seem to put the brakes on myself. I found this video on Youtube and have watched it a few times now. Great advice that I found very helpful and think you will too. Plus, Mel Robbins is very entertaining to learn from.

Please join with me in 2018 to stop hitting the snooze button or the emergency brake and get out of our routines and into the life we were meant to live.

All the best for these last weeks of 2017. And please let me know how you are stepping out, it will be a big encouragement to me.


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New Territory Ahead?

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cutting through the jungle

Are you jumping into new territory this coming year?

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Stepping Into the Unknown

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roadI have been out of the loop for a number of months now but still active online. I’m still creating Udemy online training courses and have a podcast on iTunes called Purpose For Your Life (although I took a summer sabbatical).
I was dealing with some health challenges and didn’t feel a lot of energy to continue with what I was doing in my Online Success business.
But I’ve had a dream for a long time now of helping women realize the potential they have within them and encourage them to succeed in their lives, both personally and professionally. I’ve revamped my website at to reflect that desire. The other part of my dream that doesn’t want to go away is to have a physical location where women can come together to brainstorm, encourage, train, consult, help one another to get to a higher level.
Yesterday my daughter, Melanie, and I went to see a location in downtown Galt (Cambridge) that seems like the perfect place. In fact, I came home and registered the domain (sorry, nothing there yet) and plan to go and get that business name Women Helping Women Succeed (if I can). We are planning to have training and consulting available from the two of us and from any other female members who wish to do so. The facility can be open days, evenings, and weekends as needed.
I decided that in order to confirm to me that leasing this location is the right step to take, I wanted to first have ten founding members to join me and be willing to commit to pay $100 a month for at least three months, so I sent a number of emails out to people as well as posting on a few Facebook groups. The response has been overwhelmingly positive and has made me feel so proud of the people in my world.
As we get going, there will also be the ability for women to drop in whenever they like and pay a very low fee (probably whatever they feel they can afford, since I want to encourage low income women who want to raise their standard of living to also attend). We could start as early as the end of October, that gives us time to furnish the place.
Benefits of membership will include the following: mailbox address, wireless Internet, ability to conduct either large or small group meetings/trainings/consulting, shared office space, companionship, accountability and brainstorming between members, and of course coffee, tea, and maybe even some snacksSmile. And the best thing of all – seeing women grow and fill the potential God has given them.
All of the above to say that if you, or someone you know, is interested in becoming a founding member, I would love to have you join us. I’m also planning to set-up a Patreon page for anyone who wants to be involved but lives too far away to be a physical member and will keep you posted about that.
Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and I’d appreciate your prayers as we feel our way forward.
Have a great day,
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