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Powerful Women Magazine

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In all the busyness of these past few weeks – my youngest daughter has a new baby – I totally forgot to mention that I had another article published in Powerful Women Magazine. It’s a great little magazine and Kaz Design Works, does a terrific job putting together each of the issues. You can get the print version or read it online at the above link.

Here is the article I wrote. This issue was all about motivation, one of my favourite topics.
Moving Along the Journey of Life
babyWhen a baby is learning to crawl, successfully moving forward motivates her to continue. Eventually, that crawling becomes walking, then running and climbing – each successful step motivating that child to strive to do more.

If that baby’s attempts to crawl never resulted in any movement, maybe she would have eventually given up and remained where she was. So it seems that three factors help to motivate us: a desire to move from where we are, a willingness to try new things, and some success to encourage us on.

I look at my own life and see how I’ve moved along in this journey called life. Adulthood included staying home to care for my six children. Since I had only a grade 10 education, I finished high school during those years. When my youngest child started school, I found a position at a university library and was trained on the job.

Years went by, and although I learned new tasks, work no longer challenged or motivated me, until Continue reading

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Mastermind Groups

One of the things most helpful to my business has been to join a mastermind group. I’ve been an Elite member of Lynn Terry’s Clicknewz Forum for a number of years now.

This past year I’ve become more involved and am achieving more success as a result. We meet for a weekly brainstorming webinar, then  Continue reading

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Motivation and Success

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I love to read about successful people and try to learn how they succeeded. Knowing other people were able to overcome obstacles motivates me to do the same. Here are some tips for success that I recently came across:

1. No excuses. Many famous actors, music artists, inventors, etc., had special challenges ranging from learning disabilities to physical disabilities. Take Beethoven for example. He was born deaf yet he went on to be one of the world’s greatest composers or Joni Erickson who was paralyzed from the neck down yet she learned to paint with her mouth. Today, her paintings are famous around the world and worth millions. If you are faced with a special challenge of your own, while you may have to adjust things from time to time, do not use excuses. If you want something enough, there is a way!

2. As you work hard to reach success, you need to be able to see your accomplishments. Start a journal and track everything you have done. When you feel discouraged or frustrated, think about what you have achieved

The idea of a journal does help you realize how many successes you have had and motivates you to get up and try again. Sometimes when I look back over goals I have written months before and realize they were completed, I can hardly believe I was able to accomplish so much.

Here’s a quote from the author of the book at the top of this post:
“I do believe my life has no limits! I want you to feel the same way about your life, no matter what your challenges may be. As we begin our journey together, please take a moment to think about any limitations you’ve placed on your life or that you’ve allowed others to place on it. Now think about what it would be like to be free of those limitations. What would your life be if anything were possible?”
—Nick Vujicic, from Life Without Limits

What’s holding you back?



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Ten Years Ago This Month

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Ten years of what, you ask? Well, ten years ago this April, I started my first business. I’d gone through a government self-employment program and was excited to be opening a little computer cafe. A little over a year later, I closed it. Was the whole thing a waste of time? Definitely not!

When I opened the cafe, my thought was that people could come and use the computers to teach themselves programs with the many self-teaching cd’s I supplied. It would be Continue reading

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Sharing What You’ve Learned

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Grandmother with laptopAs we age, there are so many experiences and so much expertise that we gather along the way. Although we may not think those things are valuable, other people need our knowledge. It’s our responsibility to share what we’ve learned. 85-year-old Eleanor McCallum has learned that lesson and now we can benefit. The following is an article written by her. I hope it motivates you to go and do likewise.

Many years ago I started a bookkeeping career, long before there were computer programs to do the necessary calculations automatically. Double entry bookkeeping was used at that time with large journals and ledgers for the accounts, which consisted of purchases, sales, inventory and a general journal. Each business transaction was manually recorded in a journal consisting of several individual pages. The transaction and cost, broken down into base price, taxes and whatever else needed to be specified was recorded on its specific page.

These expenses and amounts would then be copied to a general ledger where there would be several pages headlined with their respective categories. At the end of each accounting period it would be necessary to manually total the expenses for each category and transfer these totals to a balance sheet and profit & loss statement. That type of manual bookkeeping could only be enjoyed by someone who wanted to learn all of the ins and outs of bookkeeping and perhaps find a better way to facilitate all of this.

When computerized bookkeeping and accounting programs came on the scene, I definitely wanted to be able to use them. Then everything could be automatically delivered to its proper location in the company books, quickly and efficiently. Accpac and then QuickBooks were two programs that I learned to use to advance my bookkeeping practices.

Quickbooks Easy Start is set out in such a way that a person with no bookkeeping experience can begin using it immediately. It tells you how to set up your business, explains money in and the related sales receipts, deposits and how to accept credit cards.

Money out, explains writing checks, recording expenses, issuing refunds and paying employees. In the your business section, customers and vendors with all related information can easily be recorded, then lists are created so you can go back in to any account to make adjustments.

My step by step guide to help new users with QuickBooks Easy Start for their home based businesses is available right now. This guide features screen shots and easy to follow instructions for each step. I really enjoyed compiling it and hope others will want to read it.

Eleanor McCallum

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