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Bright, Shiny Objects

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Sorry that this Monday Motivation is going out on Tuesday. I spent the day with visiting family yesterday and was too tired to turn my computer on when I got home.

Notes From This Episode:

What are bright, shiny objects?
My experience with them and all my excuses
Intentions are not enough
How I’m trying to focus and deal with those distractions

Have a great week and enjoy your family,

Lessons From the Ditchdigger’s Daughters

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Notes From This Episode:

My motivation for today is from a book that was later made into a movie.

  • In 1950s, father was a ditchdigger and mother a cleaning lady and they had six daughters.
  • He wanted them to have a good education and a better life.
  • Believed always something more to strive for – if you think you’ve made it, you lose it.
  • Choose your rabbits and chase after them, see what others have done to be successful – my experience with chasing a rabbit.
  • Working hard is a law like the law of gravity and will result in success.
  • The results of their hard work.
  • The father always said “If the door doesn’t open, climb through a window. If the window is closed, try to get in through the cellar. If that’s locked, climb on the roof and try to get in the chimney. There’s always a way if you keep trying.”
  • What dream are you trying to achieve?

I believe in you, have a great day,

Finding Your Potential

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Show Notes From This Episode:
Get out of your comfort zone because people need what you know.

Take a big sheet of paper and list the following:

  • All the things, large or small, that you know how to do. They might be easy for you, but not for everyone.
  • All the experiences you have.
  • All the things you are often asked to do.
  • All the things people think you are good at.

I mention a lot of examples of experiences and skills you may have to get you thinking. Ways you can help people because of your expertise and experiences. There are also a number of ideas in this podcast for getting your story out to people and ways to do that using Internet tools.

Note: I didn’t mention it on the podcast, but if you want to do the one on one live training that I mentioned, I recommend using Zoom. You can even use it to train a group. Zoom is a great tool and gives you not only a video recording of your session, but an audio one as well.

Here’s to using all the potential God has given you,

P.S. I wrote a new Productivity Guide if you’re interested. Click here to learn more.

Benefit of Change

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Notes from this episode:

If you’re feeling under the weather, you need to take time off and rest, but it might be hard to get motivated again. This is how I got away from the computer, did something new, and changed my environment.

If you’re stuck and not sure how to get going again, try a different routine and see if it helps.

Enjoying life,

No More Excuses

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Notes about this episode:
Too old, too tired, physical problems – all those excuses we give ourselves. Take some inspiration from Aaron (Wheelz) Fotheringham and click on the video at the top of his page (You’ll see some photos at the top and one of them is the video.)

Born with spina bifida and confined to a wheelchair at 3 years old. Aaron is one of many people who refused to allow excuses. When you find yourself ready to give up, instead fill yourself up with these kinds of stories of achieving in spite of.

Take care and remember you are enough just the way you are,