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WordPress Plugins

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I’ve been working on a WordPress website for a local prison aftercare program that I volunteer with. As I was adding plugins, I thought many of you might also have a WordPress site and would be interested in seeing which plugins I use, so here is my list. There are many more, like ecommerce ones, that I don’t use, so you won’t find them listed here.


My recommendation when searching for new plugins is to read reviews, check ratings, and most of all, make sure that the plugin is compatible with your version of WordPress. Also, I learned the hard way that when updating your plugins, do one at a time and then check to make sure your site still looks fine. I didn’t do that, updated all my plugins at once, and could no longer see my website online. One of the plugins wasn’t compatible anymore and since I’d updated all of them at the same time, I had no idea which plugin was the culprit. It took hours of back and forth with my web host before I could get my site back online. If you update the plugins individually and your site no longer works, go to your File Manager files in the website CPanel, find the listing of WordPress plugins and delete the one that you tried to update before the site went down. That should rectify the problem.

Here is the list of WordPress plugins I use: Continue reading

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WordPress Problems

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WordPress is the blog software chosen by most Internet marketers. Once installed, it’s easy to use, has a lot of capability and all kinds of plugins to increase its usefulness. On the down side, it can be tricky to upgrade.

Apparently, upgrading to a newer version of WordPress is simply a matter of click, read instructions, click, click, and you’re done. But for some reason, both times I have tried to do it myself, it’s been more like click, click and I’m done ’cause my blog had a fatal error and disappeared.

After the first time, I learned to make sure I did a full backup before I started. And it’s a good idea to know a WordPress expert you can call on to fix the errors. Which is what I’m off to do now.

Next time, I will hire my expert to do the whole thing, rather than clean up after me. Sigh.


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