Host a Meetup

Would you like to meet some of your potential customers offline and get to know them? Or want to present some information about your product or service? Why not host a meetup?

Start by going to and register your new meetup. You’ll be charged a small fee and they will help publicize your event. You decide on the topic, the location, and any fees attendees will pay. That’s it. Within hours, people who are interested in what you’re delivering will start to register for your Meetup. The above video shows how easy it is to start and to use to keep in touch with your target market.

If you’ve been to a Meetup or run one of your own, I’d love to hear about your experience so far.


Online Newsletters

If you have a blog or website, then you should be sending a regular newsletter. No less than once a month, so your readers don’t forget you and no more than a couple of times a week, so you don’t annoy them.

The biggest reason to have a newsletter is to collect a list of all of your possible customers – their names and email addresses. The people who subscribe to your newsletter have an obvious interest in what you have to say. Cultivate that relationship. Then when you have a special offer and promote it through your newsletter, your readers won’t think of you as a pushy salesman, but as someone they know, like, and trust.

Are you using newsletters yet to build a conversation with your potential customers? Why not start now? I know it can be time consuming and I don’t always follow my own advice in this area, but please comment below and let me know how you feel about the topic.