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Create a Sense of Security

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When a potential customer arrives at your site, he may be very interested in your product or service. But because you are a stranger, there is some apprehension about making payments to you online. What if you aren’t who you say you are? What if the product is inferior? How can a person feel safe and secure doing business with you on the Internet?

I was reminded of all these doubts the other day when my husband was searching for a product online. He found a site that had exactly what he wanted and at a great price. But was it too good to be true? How could he be reassured?

The business seemed to be in Vancouver and there was a contact page on the site to submit questions. But there was no exact address and no telephone number. Had there been merely a street number, it might be just a postal box. We were hesitant and ended up leaving the site without buying anything.

The next website we found selling the same product was a little more expensive. But many features at the site encouraged our trust. A telephone number we could call, a secure site insignia, the full address and email, testimonials from satisfied customers, and a guarantee.

The first business was probably fine, but taking the time to add those little things that created a sense of security as a buyer were what we were looking for. Whether you sell a product or a service, keep those points in mind and attract more customers on the Internet. A good example can be found at my son’s iPod repair site. Keeping customer security in mind has resulted in clients from all over the country.


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