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NAMS Updates and New Membership Program

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4 generations at NAMS6This past weekend I was in Atlanta for the NAMS (Novice To Advanced Marketing Systems) workshop I attend twice a year. We enjoyed a great hotel, delicious meals, informative workshops, and great networking – especially around the fire pit in the evenings.

Although I was exhausted at the end of the three days, I was more than happy I went. As well as hands on workshops in everything from WordPress security to video marketing, these were some of the highlights for me:

  • keynotes by Kathleen Gage and Paul Evans.
  • a fifteen minute brainstorming session with Mark Hendricks
  • won Dragon Naturally Speaking software in one of the many draws
  • was given an autographed book by Kathleen Gage as were my mother, daughter, and grandson since we were there as four generations – and yes, my 86 year old mother blogs and sells information products (that’s a photo of the four of us at the beginning of this post)
  • Amazon and Kindle publishing tips from Kevin Riley
  • Seeing a number of people register their first domain name and set up their first WordPress blog, all by themselves
  • meals with some of the best online marketers around
  • the opportunity to spend time with people who are changing the world for good, whether it be orphanages in other countries or heart surgeries for children who would never be able to afford them.

If you’ve never attended a live marketing event, I encourage you to make the effort to go to one like NAMS – no sales pitches, just solid information and encouragement that will take your business to the next level.

P.S. NAMS creator, David Perdew, has created a membership site that will allow members the opportunity to attend the live events at a deep discount. I joined as soon as I got home, since right now fees are 90% off. For under $10 a month, I can access the forum, attend the monthly webinars and q and a sessions. The special reports and extra training will be nice, but being able to talk to established marketers who want to help me succeed online is my main reason for joining. And since NAMS gets more popular every year, tickets to NAMS7 in Atlanta next February will probably be sold out to the members.

To your online success,


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Host a Blog

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BloggerAnyone can start a blog, without expense, by using the free blog software at

Filled with easy to create modules, Blogger offers a simple way to test the interest in your new idea, to send traffic to other sites, to establish yourself as an expert in your field, and to collect names of interested possible customers. You can even make money with your blog by inserting adsense ads and links to affiliate products.

Blogger is a great way for older people to capture their experiences and knowledge for the sake of future generations. Although not the best choice for your main web presence since Blogger has been known to delete the blogs of those it deems improper or too sales focused, it’s fine as a secondary site or a main one for non-businesses.

Did I mention that Google loves Blogger blogs and grants them a place in the search engine rankings fairly quickly? I also use Blogger as extra content to feed into my main site using its RSS capability. RSS is the Internet equivelant to having a syndicated newspaper column that shows up in one newspaper initially and is broadcast to others as well.

Have I convinced you yet? Why not try out some of the features Blogger has to offer and add it to your arsenal of online promotional tools?


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Website Objectives

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What are your objectives concerning your website? Since I have a number of sites, I found it very helpful to write down my Internet plans for the year. Try to focus on your main objective for each site and decide on any regular features to incorporate.

For instance, with my Internet Marketing site, my objective is to journal my progress as I create information products and as I set up my first membership site online. In the past, I’ve written about a number of things related to Internet Marketing with no real focus on specific topics.

Provide regular weekly updates about your business – anything that your target market would find interesting. Answer frequently asked questions.

Why not create an editorial calendar for the year? The calendar will give you specific ideas about what to write on your website. It isn’t meant to be rigidly followed, but helps keep you on track. Write about other things as well, but this gets you started.

A calendar will list a lot of special days, such as Secretary Day. From there, brainstorm topic ideas. That way, each week of the month you can start with an idea and expand on it. For instance, one of the days mentioned was Red Day. Red got me thinking about bold colors, which got me thinking about image. That ended up as a topic about ‘how to get your site noticed’. Many content providers find an editorial calendar quite useful.

Planning takes time, but it helps you focus on where you want to go. Are the goals for your website clearly laid out?


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