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Your Content – Are You Re-Purposing It?

book coverAs business owners, we spend a lot of time creating content – for presentations, websites, marketing pieces – any number of things. Why not re-purpose that content and let it work for you in many different ways? Here are my favourite ideas for keeping my content in front of people:

  • After creating an interesting article or blog post of over 250 words, post it on an article directory such as for extra exposure. Your bio and a link back to your site will be there and when people take your article to post on their site, a whole new market will be exposed to your expertise and you’ll get more traffic to your site.
  • Turn your written content into audio and upload it to your site. Using a service like you simply talk on the phone and your recording is available as an mp3 download for you to use. (This is one of my top ideas.)
  • Create a Youtube video similar to the text content and link it to the original. Using a service such as Animoto, you can easily turn photos and text into a video.
  • Take video or audio of your presentations and sell or use as marketing material. The first time I did that when teaching a workshop, I made sure I turned on my lavalier mic, but forgot to turn on the recorder until part-way through the presentation. But I was still able to use that sample in my promotions. In fact, I’ve included it on my audio page.
  • Try out Blog Talk Radio and then use the resulting audio on your own website as well as having it show up on BlogTalk. I did an interview about Facebook Groups using that method and have it available here as well.
  • Create an information product that showcases your expertise and have it available as a digital download (think Kindle), a CD or DVD, and even as a physical book. These methods are a little more technical, so I had help from my faithful virtual assistant, Melanie.

There you have it. Some of the ways I re-purpose my content. There are many more, so please share how you make your content work for you more than once.

To your success,

P.S. Melanie and I have assembled a team to help with your information product efforts. If you want to promote yourself and your business with a digital or physical book, or an audio or text (or photos) CD or DVD, we would be pleased to tell you about our new service. Just give me a call or send an email for more information.

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Create a Business Funnel

The best business clients are those who buy from us over and over again, not just once. Attracting potential customers online is no different and the easiest way is by using the funnel model to keep them coming.

The wide top of the funnel gathers buyers by offering low priced products or services. Then the funnel gradually provides higher priced items. Depending on your business, you may not be able to offer all of the levels, but the goal is to provide as many as possible. The following is a proven funnel business model with number one as the entry level and number five offering the highest ticket items:

  1. Tell your customers what to do in a general way. For example, an overview of how to prepare a car for winter driving.
  2. Tell them how to do it step by step using text or audio.
  3. Show them how to do it – video or live training.
  4. Sell them a product that does it for them.
  5. Do it for them.

If you have a product, create services to support it. If your business provides a service, create a product to match. Keep creating more products or services to offer.

Are you using a funnel model? Is it similar to this?

To your online success,

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