Benefit of Change

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Notes from this episode:

If you’re feeling under the weather, you need to take time off and rest, but it might be hard to get motivated again. This is how I got away from the computer, did something new, and changed my environment.

If you’re stuck and not sure how to get going again, try a different routine and see if it helps.

Enjoying life,

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No More Excuses

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Notes about this episode:
Too old, too tired, physical problems – all those excuses we give ourselves. Take some inspiration from Aaron (Wheelz) Fotheringham and click on the video at the top of his page (You’ll see some photos at the top and one of them is the video.)

Born with spina bifida and confined to a wheelchair at 3 years old. Aaron is one of many people who refused to allow excuses. When you find yourself ready to give up, instead fill yourself up with these kinds of stories of achieving in spite of.

Take care and remember you are enough just the way you are,

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Gaining Clarity Exercise

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Notes from this episode:

Brain Fitness Expert Tip – An easy exercise that does something to the connectors in your brain. It wakes up your brain, helps listening and makes you better able to focus.
Start at the top of your ears and knead them gently from top to bottom, both ears at the same time, and it works on both sides of your brain. It really worked to give me clarity about a problem I had to figure out.

Have a great day and keep learning,

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Trusting the GPS

city streetAfter years of getting lost every time we visited a new city, we finally bought a GPS. For those of you who’ve used one for years, you’re wondering what the big deal is, but it is a big deal to give up your choice and trust someone or something else.

We still managed to get a bit lost the closer we got to our destination, but every time Lady GPS was there to guide us out and get us on our way again. By the time we got to Charlotte, we were beginning to trust her.

But on the way home, for the first hour or so, Lady GPS took us on side roads and through small towns instead of on the main highway. The view was much prettier and we should have relaxed and enjoyed the scenery, but instead we started to stress that we were lost. It wasn’t until we connected to the main highway that we began to trust our little Lady again. She brought us safely home, with no loss of time. If only we’d trusted what we paid for, instead of worrying because we couldn’t see the end of the journey.

How often are we like that in life? We ask for guidance, pray for it, even pay for it, but when the direction doesn’t seem to fit our ideas, we begin to worry. Then we either stop entirely and try to find our own way instead, or lose the enjoyment of the journey because it’s taking us outside of our comfort zone.

What if we learned to trust our internal GPS and were willing to take a different route than we would have chosen on our own? How much joy are we missing out on when we refuse to take a risk?

Learning to live in the moment,

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Never Too Old and Never Too Late

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Notes from this episode:

  • Quote from Antoine de Saint Exupery and why it made me sad when I first heard it.
  • don’t let the clay harden, waken the potential that you were given in the beginning
  • take a risk and get out of your comfort zone
  • the regret of a 90 year old

What have you been putting off? Why not get started?

Make this a great week,
P.S. Sorry about the rough beginning of this audio, but I need to get it out before the day is over.


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