New Year, New Direction

I know, this is April – the new year started over three months ago. But I’m a slow climber, not like the little girl in this picture. As you’ve noticed from my blog posts this past while, I’ve been unsure where to plant my feet as I make this climb called ‘life’.

I have come to some conclusions though. I’ve decided to divide my website into two areas – one for motivation and purpose, the other for the help and training needed to take that purpose and give it breath online. Think of it as the two sides of a coin, one the inspirational and the other the practical.

Since dividing the site means moving a number of my old blog posts to their new room under the banner of Sharing Your Story (which you’ll find up there with the other page titles) and since I’ve been blogging for many years, it’s going to take time. A lot of time. Once I’m done, all the posts related to business, social media, product/course creation, and online marketing will be in the new area. That way, those of you who are ready to share your experiences and expertise with the world will have an easier path to do so.

The content on this part of the site is designed to stir up the longing in you to be all you were meant to be. As such, my posts here will often speak to that desire in us to live lives that matter. I hope you’ll continue with me on the journey.

Here’s to living life to the fullest,

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We Can’t Do It Alone

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Notes from today’s episode:

  • As well as goals we need accountability and people to encourage us to keep going
  • Ecclesiastes 4: 9 and 10: “Two can accomplish more than twice as much as one ….”
  • what another person can do for us
  • why we get in trouble when we try to go it alone
  • we need each other

Wishing you purpose and encouragement for your week,

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Ice Water and Hope

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Notes from this episode:

  • story from the book ‘When Your Past Is Hurting Your Present’ by Sue Augustine
  • experiment done with two groups of people who had to hold their hands in ice water for three minutes
  • results for the group that had hope they could make it

Encouraging you to live the life you were meant to,

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Slowly Finding My Way

roadFirst of all, thank you to those of you who took the time to email me your thoughts re my struggling to find myself. Is there such a thing as a late-life crisis? If there is, I’m right in the middle of it. I’m in the fall of my life, on a road to who knows where.

Here I was this morning, thinking I don’t care about any of my stuff and all I want is to find my purpose. And then this afternoon my coffee had no cream or sugar (doctor’s orders). All of a sudden I sure cared about ‘stuff’ again. I’m beginning to think that simplifying my life isn’t going to be as easy as it sounds.

I am making progress though. My husband and I have cancelled cable tv in favor of Internet TV, opted for an Internet home phone, and switched to a small local Internet provider. Now if we feel the need to watch a program, ‘I Love Lucy’ is a click away. Plus no commercials – that’s my hubby’s favourite part. Since we volunteer as well, we don’t have a lot of time to spare anyway.

As for business, I’ve decided to wait until September to start any kind of membership program. Until then, I’m going to concentrate on my weekly podcast, updating and creating new Udemy courses to sell, and start writing a few guides to go with the courses. That should keep me busy over the next five months.

What about you? Are you finding meaning in your day? For me, that often means taking a few minutes to be thankful for what I have and treating other people in a way that gives them reason to be thankful too.

Have a great rest of the week,

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Our Controlling Thoughts

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Notes About the Episode:

  • why you need to be careful about what you think
  • a basketball experiment and the results of visualization
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