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questions asked by my Udemy Students

Questions Asked By Udemy Students

As a Udemy instructor the the past number of years, I am often asked questions about marketing on the Internet. These are some of the questions and my answers to them.

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edit in screencastomatic

Editing Screencastomatic Videos

Are you using Screencastomatic and not sure how to use some of their editing tools? Here are some I use. I hope you find it helpful, Carol

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screencastomatic for creating online courses

Screencastomatic Screen Capture Software

What can I say. I love using Screencastomatic to create my online trainings.

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using to sell real estate

Real Estate Special Report

This video shows how you might use a paper to promote your real estate business.

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paperli special report

How I Created My Paperli Special Report to access the report mentioned in the video. What goes into creating a short report and putting it up for sale? More than I realized. Here’s a look at how I created my report and the lessons I learned getting it out.

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Kindle Tips From Teresa Miller

Today’s training session is an interview with Teresa Miller. She answers Kindle questions, including: any special tools needed, difference between KDP and KDP select and when to use each, rules and restrictions. When self-publishing, one of the first things you should do is set up your Amazon information. When publishing books on Amazon, whether physical […]

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Creating Online Courses

This is a training video from the” Imagine The Online Possibilities” course available on Udemy. If you’ve been thinking about creating your own information products, this recording will help you get started.

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Createspace Tips – Teresa

This past week on my webinar I interviewed Createspace expert Teresa Miller. She covered the following points: * What is Createspace? * Why use it? * How do we get started? * What are the essential parts of a physical book? Formatting Recommendations: * Styles? * Blank Pages? * Front and back pages? * First […]

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