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Need Help For Your Email Marketing?

I came across another new tool that looks terrific for helping you to write your email sequences. Whether you need them for a webinar series, after the webinars, for purchases, downloads, booking a call, subscribing or completing a form. Even emails to encourage people to watch videos. I hope you enjoy Suzanne’s video tutorial and […]

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Magic Mockups Tool

One of the members of a coaching group I belong to created this video walk-through of a tool called Magic Mockups. I love it. And it is so easy to use, I created all kinds of images that I can use on my site, as covers for guides and any other kind of digital content. […]

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Stacey – Google Hangouts

My guest today is Stacey Myers and our topic: Google Hangouts. We discussed what are Google+ Hangouts, the differences between Hangouts and Hangouts On Air, why do a hangout, ideas for different types of hangouts, and how Stacey is personally using them. Stacey also talked about how to get started and mentioned her ‘Hangout Hints […]

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