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Being Thankful

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There’s a good reason we should be thankful. Are you?

Your Ability

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Are you using the ability God has given you? Or do you even know you have it?

Stop Trying Alone

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Need some encouragement today? How about Ecclesiastes 4:9 and 10 and stop trying to do it all alone.

Safety Helmets For Your Business

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Are you feeling intimidated and afraid of falling. Get yourself a safety helmet like the one in the link above.

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Masterminds and Accountability Groups

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Today’s Motivation Monday talks about mastermind/accountability groups. Not only do they motivate, but they help with your success.

Overcoming Negative Comments

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Getting over negative comments.

Not Just Good Intentions

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What do aquafit and shiny object syndrome have in common? Sometimes a lot. And sometimes good intentions simply aren’t enough.

Need Help Marketing Online?

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Overcoming Learning Challenges

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The man I mention in today’s motivation left school at 16 and had learning challenges. But he succeeded, and so can we.

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Most Richly Blessed

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When you feel like nothing is going your way, here’s a poem called Most Richly Blessed.

Procrastination Cure

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Here’s what motivates me more than anything. A sure cure for procrastination.