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summit lessons learned

Summit Lessons Learned

Last week I took part in my first online summit. There were eight speakers, including myself, held over three days. Sean Mize was our mentor and fellow speaker. Here are some of the lessons I learned for next time. Have you been part of a summit yet? Any suggestions for me? Carol

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Paperli to Promote Your Book One of the ideas in my special report is for building exposure for a book by publishing a paper. This is a possible way that an author could promote their books using Please note that I am using Carrie Wilkerson as an example, but this is not an actual paper.

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using udemy to share your expertise

Using Udemy to Share Your Expertise

If you’ve been wondering about adding a course to, this video will walk you through the platform and explain some of the benefits. To your Online Success, Carol

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Podcasting Tips With Kelly McCausey

Podcasting pioneer Kelly McCausey was my guest on today’s training webinar. She talked about what a podcast is, the benefits of creating a podcast regardless of your business, and the tools you need to get started. At the end of the episode, Kelly had a special offer for anyone who wants to get started podcasting. […]

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Stacey – Google Hangouts

My guest today is Stacey Myers and our topic: Google Hangouts. We discussed what are Google+ Hangouts, the differences between Hangouts and Hangouts On Air, why do a hangout, ideas for different types of hangouts, and how Stacey is personally using them. Stacey also talked about how to get started and mentioned her ‘Hangout Hints […]

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Cathy Byrnes on Mindmapping

This webinar is an interview with mindmapping expert, Cathy Byrnes, about how she uses mindmaps for everything from her daily to-do list to studying in university.

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Schedule a GTW Session

In this video, I’m scheduling a webinar in the GoToWebinar system and setting up the registration page that people will use to attend.

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