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transfer images with the pin it

Pin It

An easy way to transfer images to one of your Pinterest boards is by using the Pin It bookmarklet. I have mine on my browser toolbar for easy access.

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using the hootsuite hootlet


If you are using Hootsuite for your social media needs, are you taking advantage of the Hootlet?

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adding public facebook group

Adding a Public Facebook Group

Now you can add extra content to your from any public Facebook group.

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Video Marketing Lessons Learned

On today’s training, I talked about the challenges I’ve had with creating regular videos, as well as some of the resources I find useful. The WordPress plugin I mention is called Simple Video Press.

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Twitter Tips

Questions addressed in this video: * Who uses Twitter? * How is your Twitter profile? * What about the new image tweets? * Are you creating Twitter lists to keep track of your most important people? * What good are hashtags? * Best practice for a tweet reply? * Have you considered paid Twitter ads? […]

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Pinterest Business Marketing – Becky

In last week’s webinar, I talked to Becky Sangha about her success using Pinterest for business marketing. Points covered include: – what is Pinterest and why is it useful for a business? – how much time will I need to spend to market on Pinterest (you won’t believe how small this number is) – what […]

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Stacey Myers – Facebook

Today’s webinar guest was Stacey Myers and our topic was Facebook, specifically Pages and Groups. Stacey talked about the similarities and differences, when to use one or the other, types of groups, and how to increase Facebook engagement. Note: In reference to private groups, Stacey later clarified that discussions can not be seen by others […]

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Paperli and Hootlet

When I don’t have much time, I use and my handy little Hootlet to share information to my social media channels.

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If Twitter Were a Dance

Imagine living in 1965 and going to a dance called Twitter. What to do and how to behave, all from the viewpoint of Sally Social and Wanda Workerbee.

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