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software for beginner podcaster

Libsyn For Podcasts

As an amateur podcaster, I use Libsyn to easily get my podcast both to iTunes and to my blog via their WordPress plugin.

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build your brand with colorpic

Using Colorpic

Colorpic allows you to easily use the same colors for all your branding.

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share your story with the beacon tool

Beacon Features

Beacon is a software tool that will make it so much easier to share your story.

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part 3-publish your beacon lead magnet

Publish Your Beacon Lead Magnet

Part 3 – once you’ve created and edited your Beacon report, checklist, or workbook, you’ll want to publish it. You have the option to keep your content private, to share it via social media, or to download and use as you wish.

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Editing Beacon Lead Magnets

Editing Beacon Lead Magnets

Once you’ve got your Beacon lead magnet started, you’ll want to edit. You can easily add content, a table of contents, and a call to action.

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intro to beacon

Introduction To Beacon Lead Magnet Software

Beacon lead magnet software is a non-techie’s dream. Deliver terrific looking ebooks, checklists, and worksheets. Even use your existing blog posts with their WordPress plugin.

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Creating a Leaderboard Ad

Another new feature.

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photos with hotspots using

Photos With Hotspots

Use for hot spot photos for more interaction.

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Planning Tools

Let’s get organized and make a plan for our time. Today’s tool is at

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evernote web clipper and

Web Clipper And Hootlet

Today I’ll show you how I use two tools that are always on my Internet toolbar: the Evernote web clipper and the Hootsuite Hootlet.

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