Overcoming Negative Comments

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Getting over negative comments.

Windows Snipping Tool

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Using the Windows Snipping tool is great, but what do you do when you need to capture a screenshot of a dropdown menu? This video will show you how.

Paperli’s New Topic Re-Naming Option

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Paper.li now allows you to re-name your paper topics. It’s a bit fiddly and you may need to use your bookmarklet tool to make sure it appears on your paper, but it has possibilities.

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Not Just Good Intentions

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What do aquafit and shiny object syndrome have in common? Sometimes a lot. And sometimes good intentions simply aren’t enough.

Need Help Marketing Online?

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Real Estate Special Report

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This video shows how you might use a Paper.li paper to promote your real estate business.

Paperli to Promote Your Book

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One of the ideas in my special report is for building exposure for a book by publishing a Paper.li paper. This is a possible way that an author could promote their books using Paper.li.
Please note that I am using Carrie Wilkerson as an example, but this is not an actual paper.

Using Udemy to Share Your Expertise

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If you’ve been wondering about adding a course to udemy.com, this video will walk you through the platform and explain some of the benefits.

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Overcoming Learning Challenges

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The man I mention in today’s motivation left school at 16 and had learning challenges. But he succeeded, and so can we.

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Are You Mobile Friendly?

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Two for one: this episode has a tool to show how your website looks on a mobile device and a website at websbywagner.com that we used to test the Responsinator tool.

Most Richly Blessed

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When you feel like nothing is going your way, here’s a poem called Most Richly Blessed.