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article writingI’ve mentioned how important it is to have an opt-in form on your website. That way, when a visitor leaves your site, you still have a way to keep in touch with them. No matter how good your visitors’ intentions, they will often forget you.

I was reminded of that fact the other day when my husband and I went shopping at our local lighting store. We found a set of lights we liked and were prepared to purchase immediately. But one of the fixtures wasn’t quite the same color as the others, so the saleslady said she would hunt up the matching light. In the meantime, why not go have a bite to eat and come back later?

Well, we took her advice and left to grab some dinner. But guess what else we did? That’s right. We stopped at another store to check out their lighting. And we found another set of fixtures we liked that were on sale. So the second store got our business instead. All because the salesperson allowed us to walk away.

Our neighbourhood lighting store only had a few competitors and we knew exactly how to get back there. But we didn’t. How much more crucial for you to capture your potential customers’ information before your online business is lost in a sea of competing websites. Do you have somewhere on your website to do that?

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