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Time Is Running Out

Time is Running Out This past week we took possession of a new to us little trailer and one of the things in it was… Posted by Carol Bremner – Helping Women Share Their Expertise Online on Friday, September 20, 2019 How many of you knew what this was when you first saw it? Do you […]

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computer screen

Online Tools – Catching Up

It’s been a while since I posted, although I have still been busy creating video tutorials. I’ve done four more and didn’t realize that I hadn’t told you about them yet. If you’ve started using the Screencastomatic software, one of the tutorials shows you how to edit the videos you create.  In another, I talk […]

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What’s New These Days?

1. This has been a busy and exciting week so far and it isn’t even over yet.   If you’re wondering what this three-day event banner at the top of the page is, I am participating in my first-ever virtual summit. I have shared the stage with other speakers locally a number of times, but […]

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Online Tools I Use Regularly

There are a number of regular online tools I use, some of them almost every day.  A few I have installed on the toolbar of my Internet browser for quick use. I recorded a number of short video tutorials so you can make your day more productive with the help of technology. Here are the […]

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Exposure and Profit event

Kelly McCausey’s Exposure & Profit 5

Recently my two daughters and I I attended Kelly McCausey’s Exposure & Profit 5 in Atlanta, Georgia. I took lots of notes, which I’m sharing below, as well as having fun. The photo above shows the three of us at a wig party one evening, after Kelly shaved her head to raise money for childhood […]

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Diary of an Infosponge book

Diary of An Infosponge

Did you know I love to learn and often I feel like a sponge, always wanting to soak up as much information about things as I can – all except math, that doesn’t hold a lot of appeal for me. I’ve got so many notes that I’ve taken over the years that I thought maybe […]

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Are You Still Going Toward Your Goals?

Here we are at the beginning of February already! We started with a clear view of our goals for the year, but are we still going in a straight line towards them? I don’t know about you, but I’m so easily distracted, especially when there are a lot of things going on. And for most […]

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Capture Customer Information

I’ve mentioned how important it is to have an opt-in form on your website. That way, when a visitor leaves your site, you still have a way to keep in touch with them. No matter how good your visitors’ intentions, they will often forget you. I was reminded of that fact the other day when […]

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