Business And Productivity

Using Evernote With Bridget Greenwood

Join me as photographer Bridget Greenwood shows me how to use Evernote. Complete with all my mistakes.

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Systems And Goals With Carol Glover

Business and productivity coach, Carol Glover, shares her insights about creating systems and goals that work for your personality.

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Customer Service and Retention

I received the following email from Gary Ford (published with his permission) and was really impressed with some of these stats. I know as a consumer I certainly agree with a lot of them, especially #6 about not complaining but never going back. These points make it very clear where your priorities as a business […]

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Join me as I use the Human Time Machine

Paul Evans is someone I consider a mentor and friend. Plus, as you can see from the photo, he isn’t a whole lot taller than I am. He recently said “If we can master our time; if we can master our time; we can control our destiny!” Now that we are well into the new […]

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PC or Mac Computer: Which Do You Use?

Today’s question for our panel is: “Do you use a Mac computer or a PC and why?”. Here are our answers: I probably would prefer a Mac however I have been using a PC for all of my work. I tried a Mac out once and found the features to be many and varied. When […]

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