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Using Procaster and Open Office

[ This isn’t so much a tutorial on using Open Office as it is a test of the Procaster software from Livestream.

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Most Productive Times

Time for another Every Gen Chat. Our resident experts once again are  Eleanor McCallum – Granny Blogger, yours truly Carol Bremner – non-techie online marketing specialist, new member Gail Richardson – Joint Venture Partner and Affiliate Marketer, Bridget Greenwood – photographer and model train enthusiast, Melanie Bremner – Content Queen and virtual assistant, and Kyle Greenwood […]

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NAMS Training Tidbits

I’ve just returned from the NAMS marketing workshop in Atlanta that I attend twice a year. I admit the first two days back I was feeling a little brain dead, but I’m slowly getting back to normal and itching to implement some of the great ideas I found out about there. For instance, in a […]

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Goals For a New Year

I’m one of those people that like to write everything down, preferably on paper. I like to have goals I’m working toward and a daily task list to help me get there. I thought I’d share with you some of my goals for 2012 and would love to hear yours as well. So this is […]

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Create a Business Funnel

The best business clients are those who buy from us over and over again, not just once. Attracting potential customers online is no different and the easiest way is by using the funnel model to keep them coming. The wide top of the funnel gathers buyers by offering low priced products or services. Then the […]

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