Business And Productivity

Creating Demand Through Fear of Loss

There are many ways to create demand for a product. One of them is by using fear of loss. The potential buyer makes up his mind to purchase when the possibility arises that the product may no longer be available. I saw this method in action the other day. My daughter and I went into […]

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Dragon Naturally Speaking

I recently purchased Dragon Naturally Speaking version 9.  This speech recognition software turns talk into text and is faster and more accurate than typing.  E-mail, instant messaging and surfing the web can all by done by voice. So far, I like the program very much. I found that I had to teach it how I speak, which took me […]

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Doing Research

Google is one of the best places online to do research. Try typing “+forum+(topic) and you will find out what consumers are saying about various topics. Note: replace the brackets and the word “topic” with the name of the topic you would like to find information about. Carol Save

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