questions asked by my Udemy Students

Questions Asked By Udemy Students

As a Udemy instructor the the past number of years, I am often asked questions about marketing on the Internet. These are some of the questions and my answers to them.

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summit lessons learned

Summit Lessons Learned

Last week I took part in my first online summit. There were eight speakers, including myself, held over three days. Sean Mize was our mentor and fellow speaker. Here are some of the lessons I learned for next time. Have you been part of a summit yet? Any suggestions for me? Carol

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Have You Heard of Beacon?

Have you ever wished you could create an attractive checklist, worksheet, guide, or even an ebook? I’m not very artistic and it takes me forever to create even a short checklist. But with a program called Beacon, I can create products I’m proud to say are mine. Beacon has a free version as well as […]

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Four Ways To Share Your Expertise

Host and Record a Teleseminar Did you know how easy it can be to record your own teleseminar or teleconference? Using a service such as Free Conference Calling, you can do just that. First, go to and set up an account. The service is free, but you and each of the people involved in […]

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using to sell real estate

Real Estate Special Report

This video shows how you might use a paper to promote your real estate business.

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Paperli to Promote Your Book One of the ideas in my special report is for building exposure for a book by publishing a paper. This is a possible way that an author could promote their books using Please note that I am using Carrie Wilkerson as an example, but this is not an actual paper.

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using udemy to share your expertise

Using Udemy to Share Your Expertise

If you’ve been wondering about adding a course to, this video will walk you through the platform and explain some of the benefits. To your Online Success, Carol

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paperli special report

How I Created My Paperli Special Report

What goes into creating a short report and putting it up for sale? More than I realized. Here’s a look at how I created my report and the lessons I learned getting it out.

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