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Grandgirls and GiveAways

Now that the warm weather has really hit southern Ontario, my Gramma services are in high demand. In fact, I’ve been so busy watching the grandgirls swim that I forgot to tell you about the giveaway I’m a part of! I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned that I belong to a great online community […]

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Time Is Running Out

Time is Running Out This past week we took possession of a new to us little trailer and one of the things in it was… Posted by Carol Bremner – Helping Women Share Their Expertise Online on Friday, September 20, 2019 How many of you knew what this was when you first saw it? Do you […]

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computer screen

Online Tools – Catching Up

It’s been a while since I posted, although I have still been busy creating video tutorials. I’ve done four more and didn’t realize that I hadn’t told you about them yet. If you’ve started using the Screencastomatic software, one of the tutorials shows you how to edit the videos you create.  In another, I talk […]

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What’s New These Days?

1. This has been a busy and exciting week so far and it isn’t even over yet.   If you’re wondering what this three-day event banner at the top of the page is, I am participating in my first-ever virtual summit. I have shared the stage with other speakers locally a number of times, but […]

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Online Tools I Use Regularly

There are a number of regular online tools I use, some of them almost every day.  A few I have installed on the toolbar of my Internet browser for quick use. I recorded a number of short video tutorials so you can make your day more productive with the help of technology. Here are the […]

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Have You Heard of Beacon?

Have you ever wished you could create an attractive checklist, worksheet, guide, or even an ebook? I’m not very artistic and it takes me forever to create even a short checklist. But with a program called Beacon, I can create products I’m proud to say are mine. Beacon has a free version as well as […]

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Exposure and Profit event

Kelly McCausey’s Exposure & Profit 5

Recently my two daughters and I I attended Kelly McCausey’s Exposure & Profit 5 in Atlanta, Georgia. I took lots of notes, which I’m sharing below, as well as having fun. The photo above shows the three of us at a wig party one evening, after Kelly shaved her head to raise money for childhood […]

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Diary of an Infosponge book

Diary of An Infosponge

Did you know I love to learn and often I feel like a sponge, always wanting to soak up as much information about things as I can – all except math, that doesn’t hold a lot of appeal for me. I’ve got so many notes that I’ve taken over the years that I thought maybe […]

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