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Facebook Ads Tips

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My Facebook Page

I recently attended a workshop put on by Facebook for small business owners to help them with Facebook Ads. Here are some of my takeaways, including the statistics, which I found pretty interesting.


  • When is your market on Facebook? For example, new moms are on Facebook from four to seven in the morning because their babies are awake
  • On Facebook you become part of someone’s life
  • People spend 22 hours a day with their mobile phones at their side and globally there are now more mobile phones than there are people
  • Only 10% of people in Uganda have electricity, but 30% have a mobile phone
  • 21 million Canadians are on Facebook and most from their mobile phones
  • Canadians love Facebook, even more than Americans do
  • 60% of Instagram users like to hear about new products
  • 50 million business users are on Facebook

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Social Media Tips

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Facebook and LinkedIn

If you’ve started using social media, specifically Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, these are some tips that I often mention during my training sessions:

1. Facebook

  • Start by following friends’ friends
  • Like, share, and comment. Like customer’s pages from your page.
  • Use polls on your page
  • Answer questions and comments
  • Share videos and blog posts
  • Use clickable links – https://www…..
  • No contact or sales info is allowed in page header
  • When logo area is clicked, have a link there
  • Use Milestones on pages, page posts every other day


Twitter2. Twitter

  • Be particular about who you follow
  • Keep username and tweets short enough so others can re-tweet
  • Start by following people someone else in your field is following
  • Hint: when you have little time – re-tweet and put your comment in front,
    then send the same tweet again
  • Reply to @s and DM’s
  • Comment, tweet info, answer questions – don’t be afraid to
    jump into a conversation
  • When sending a tweet, put the username after the comment for more views
  • Be the person who delivers knowledge – curate from the web,
    share old blog posts
  • Use keywords and hashtags to follow topics
  • Use lists to follow specific people
  • Outsource or autotweet your blog posts and spend time interacting
  • Careful with autotweet that the tweet is still relevant
  • Address problems asap and publicly
  • Use hashtags for events

3. LinkedIn

  • Complete profile and keyword URL’s, full summary and skills
  • Connect with those you know first, then a few new people daily
  • Think biz casual – share biz content, answer questions
  • No hashtags (this is changing) or RT’s
  • Like and share, reply to DM’s, respond to invitations
  • Participate in groups or start your own, comment on threads
  • Endorse skills of connections, Recommend others
  • Add a company page with video, documents, photos, FAQ’s
  • Tip: click LinkedIn Share button on a site and post to Groups

If you have your own website/blog, remember that the goal is always to bring people back to it – a Facebook page is not a website.

So are any of the above tips new to you? Any more I should add to this list for using Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn?

Here’s to keeping up with the world around us,
P.S. If any of these points sound like a foreign language,let me know by clicking here and I can help you.


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Stacey Myers – My Guest Blogger

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I have a special treat today. Stacey Myers, who some of you may remember from a webinar interview I did last fall, is guest blogging for me today. I met Stacey at NAMS when she traveled all the way from England to attend and we hit it off right away.

Stacey is a social media wonder and is doing 30 days of guest posting on different blogs. Today I get the honour. Enjoy!

Doable 22

Here we are at doable 22 of the ‘Build Your List with 30 Daily Doables’ Blog Tour. Yesterday we learned how to use article marketing to build your list.  It is definitely worth a read if you haven’t set on up on your site yet. A full list of the blogs we have already visited can be found at the Blog Tour Information Page.

Carol Bremner is our hostess with the mostess today! It is always a pleasure, and thank you for having us!!

Don’t forget that not only can you learn some neat tricks about list building but you can also win great prizes. You can find all the ways to enter at the bottom of this post.

It’s not just on the blog that you can earn entries – share about the blog tour on social media and use the hashtag #30dailydoables for more chances to win!

This blog tour is to celebrate the launch of our latest book ‘Build Your List with 30 Daily Doables‘.  If you grab the book while the blog tour is on, you receive access to some great extra bonuses – make sure you visit the launch page to get yours!

Have an amazing day!

Stacey Myers

Commenting on Blogs as a List Building Strategy –  Doable 22

Commenting on other blogs in your niche is a fantastic way for you to grow your reach as well as build your list. Commenting is great but it is even better when the person whose blog you are leaving comments on has the CommentLuv plugin installed, and so do you. There is a free version of the plugin and a paid version also.  When you are ready to make the investment I would recommend that you do.  Not only does it make people more eager to comment on your blog but it allows you, amongst other things, to have a link back to your latest blog post or another blog post of your choice – that you have an opt in at the bottom of.

You can see here that not only can people click on my Twitter handle and go and visit me on Twitter but look at all those blogs posts I can choose from to leave a link for. Hmmm, which one of those has an opt in form at the bottom of it? Very powerful!

CommentLuv is such a popular plugin amongst bloggers that people keep extensive lists of blogs that have CommentLuv installed so you can see which ones are in your niche and go and comment on them. I was going to add a few here but you want to find ones that are appropriate to you.  Go to Google and type in ‘comment luv enabled blogs for _____’ – adding in here your niche – health or parenting, for example.

Another way to get comments on your blog is to take part in some of the organised blog challenges.  I know the ‘Ultimate Blog Challenge’ happens four times a year.  It runs for a month at a time and the idea is that you blog every day for the month.  I have taken part a few times but trying to write a quality blog every day for a month can be quite difficult.  What I know a few people do is they commit to a certain number of blogs – every week day, or 3 times a week. Other people prepare some posts in advance so if something comes up they still have a blog post ready to publish.

You need to choose something that is going to work for you.  Part of the challenge is that you can share a blog post that you have written for the day and other people will come and comment on it.  If you submit a post you have to commit to commenting on at least 2 other blog posts.  Then you will also have at least 2 people comment on your blog and there is encouragement, of course, for people to share the post as well.  

This is a great way to get traffic to your blog.  The one thing you need to keep in mind though is that people from every niche imaginable are taking part in this challenge, so you can’t guarantee the people that visit your site will be targeted.  You never know, though, who you will meet along the way or who they will lead you to. I say, give at least one challenge a go.  Once you opt in to be part of the challenge you also receive some great tips and advice for writing your blog, so that can be useful as well.

Are you using commenting as a list building strategy?  Let’s hear about it below.

ENTER HERE!! Build Your List with 30 Daily Doable Blog Tour CONTEST



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Hootsuite Roadmap

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Points covered in last week’s webinar:
* What is Hootsuite? * Why would you use it?
* Special Features – Platforms, Streams, Contacts, Apps, Scheduling.
* Ability to track keywords and people, tweets sent, mentions, replies and re-tweets, direct messages

This week’s special offer: $50 and I’ll get you started on Hootsuite. Let me know by filling out the form at You’ll have to hurry because it ends tomorrow!

To your Online Success,

P.S. On tomorrow’s webinar, we’ll be talking about and if you don’t know what that is, you’ll be very pleasantly surprised. Register at

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Twitter Tips

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Questions addressed in this video:

* Who uses Twitter?
* How is your Twitter profile?
* What about the new image tweets?
* Are you creating Twitter lists to keep track of your most important people?
* What good are hashtags?
* Best practice for a tweet reply?
* Have you considered paid Twitter ads?
* How can you see when your followers are most active on Twitter?

And of course, if you need help, I have a solution:

To your Online Success,

P.S. On tomorrow’s webinar, we’ll be talking about Hootsuite and I have a very special offer. Have you registered yet at

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