Life and Purpose

My Podcast Experience So Far

For the past two years, I’ve wanted to start a podcast. But the process seemed way too intimidating. I took three different podcast courses and still was intimidated. Finally I decided enough was enough and at the beginning of 2017 I started my podcast – Purpose For Your Life. And guess what – I love […]

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masterminds and accountability groups

Masterminds and Accountability Groups

Today’s Motivation Monday talks about mastermind/accountability groups. Not only do they motivate, but they help with your success.

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Thoughts Limiting Success

Are your thoughts getting in the way of your success?

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Losing Focus

Another reason you might be losing focus, and an idea for getting it back.

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Do You Know Too Much?

Why knowing too much isn’t always a good thing, and the one component most important for success.

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Why Keeping Your Focus Isn’t Easy

Sometimes keeping your focus isn’t so easy. Today we’ll talk about why.

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computer screen

Motivation and Accountability With the Bold Angels

My special guests, Tina Williams and Trish Gilliam of Bold Angels Enterprises have all kinds of tips to share about how they stay productive and successful.

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Systems And Goals With Carol Glover

Business and productivity coach, Carol Glover, shares her insights about creating systems and goals that work for your personality.

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