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value of volunteering

The Value of Volunteering

When you think of volunteering, is your thought that you volunteer to gain experience for a future job? Or is it because you are retired and want to fill your time? Volunteering can mean any of those things, but as I mention in this video, it is so much more!

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who cares

Who Cares

This is the story “Who Cares” taken from Charles Swindoll’s book “The Finishing Touch.” It tells the tragic ending of one of America’s best loved songwriters.

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be thankful

Being Thankful

There’s a good reason we should be thankful. Are you?

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using your ability

Your Ability

Are you using the ability God has given you? Or do you even know you have it?

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we can't do it alone

Stop Trying Alone

Need some encouragement today? How about Ecclesiastes 4:9 and 10 and stop trying to do it all alone.

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set a goal

Building the Chain With Small Steps

Let’s decide on a small goal and be faithful to do it every day. Take the challenge with me and don’t break the chain.

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have a business safety helmet

Safety Helmets For Your Business

Are you feeling intimidated and afraid of falling. Get yourself a safety helmet.

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