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Positive Udemy Reviews

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Sometimes I feel like I’m wasting my time putting up courses on the Udemy platform, especially when I get a bad review. Isn’t it funny how everyone can rave about your work, but if one person doesn’t like something about what you’re doing, even if they are way out on left field, that’s where we tend to dwell.

Today I’m feeling pretty good about my progress because of two very positive Udemy reviews. I know, I shouldn’t let my emotions be my guide, but it’s hard not to after over 60 years of being an emotional person. I have learned to shorten my pity parties when I hear negatives about me, and I try to find the possible truths in the comments – so I am making progress.

Anyway, now that you’ve learned that about me, I’m going to brag a little and show you those reviews. I especially like the one regarding my course since I spent so much time creating it (too much, learned my lesson) and it isn’t a very well-known topic. So please indulge me and then I’d love to hear how you handle criticism. Or are we similar?

31 Days Testimonial Testimonial

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Afraid of Falling?

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Age doesn’t need to matter, but sometimes we become afraid to fall or to fail. I’ve started roller skating again after over 25 years away, and it is a different experience. Here’s how I’m overcoming the intimidation I’ve been facing.

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Swim Like a Social Media Salmon

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I am going to be presenting on the topic of ‘Swim Like a Social Media Salmon’ at the end of this month. The event is called “Success is an Inside Job” and here is the information on their flyer.

Success Event

¬†When these opportunities come your way, celebrate how far you’ve come. That’s what I intend to do.






Motivation and Accountability With the Bold Angels

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My special guests, Tina Williams and Trish Gilliam of Bold Angels Enterprises have all kinds of tips to share about how they stay productive and successful.

Imagine the Online Possibilities

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Imagine the Possibilities available online. This is the introduction to a weekly half hour webinar series that will cover Building Your Foundation Online with a website, domain name and email list; Sharing Your Expertise through digital and physical information products and online training; and then Promoting Your Expertise through audio, video, and social medial