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[Podcast] The Legacy We Leave

Have you ever thought about what people will say when the day arrives that you leave this earth? My mother passed away exactly one month ago now and it made me consider again this quote by Lin Yutang: “Belief in our mortality, the sense that we are eventually going to crack up and be extinguished […]

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[Podcast] Broken Strings and Second Chances

Download the episode here Notes From the Podcast episode: Excerpt from ‘Come Away My Beloved’ daily devotional:  “Will you be like an instrument with broken strings from which the musician can bring forth no music?” The important thing isn’t that we stay so strong that we never break How do we react when we feel […]

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[Podcast] Blessings From Your Past

Download the episode here Notes from this episode: Have you had a dream for your future that you think is lost because of things that have happened in your life? Story of Moses: born to an Israelite family, raised by Pharaoh’s daughter in the palace as her son. at 40 years old, lost his temper […]

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[Podcast] Who Cares

Download the episode here Notes from this podcast episode: Portion from ‘The Finishing Touch’ by Charles Swindoll, called ‘Who Cares’. Tells the story of a derelict who was found on the streets and later died The surprising name of who that drunken bum really was. I won’t spoil it for you, you’ll have to listen […]

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[Podcast] Bright, Shiny Objects

Download the episode here Sorry that this Monday Motivation is going out on Tuesday. I spent the day with visiting family yesterday and was too tired to turn my computer on when I got home. Notes From This Episode: What are bright, shiny objects? My experience with them and all my excuses Intentions are not […]

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[Podcast] Lessons From the Ditchdigger’s Daughters

Download the episode here Notes From This Episode: My motivation for today is from a book that was later made into a movie. In 1950s, father was a ditchdigger and mother a cleaning lady and they had six daughters. He wanted them to have a good education and a better life. Believed always something more […]

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31 carol book

[Podcast] Finding Your Potential

Download the episode here Show Notes From This Episode: Get out of your comfort zone because people need what you know. Take a big sheet of paper and list the following: All the things, large or small, that you know how to do. They might be easy for you, but not for everyone. All the […]

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[Podcast] Benefit of Change

Download the episode here Notes from this episode: If you’re feeling under the weather, you need to take time off and rest, but it might be hard to get motivated again. This is how I got away from the computer, did something new, and changed my environment. If you’re stuck and not sure how to […]

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