Need Some Zoom Help?

What happens when the in-person meetings and events are cancelled? The answer is virtual conference rooms, such as Zoom. These days I am on Zoom almost every day. I host a drop-in three nights a week and a ladies group one afternoon, as well as Zoom sessions I get invited to.  Often when we have […]

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Getting Started With Zoom

Facing Fear Because He Lives

Clouds During My Flight

Updates on the Blog

Spring is finally in the air and I’m feeling very thankful to be able to enjoy it. I’ve created a few new videos that I thought you might like to know about. Two of them are about nightlight, the drop-in I volunteer with. I thought you’d be interested because I created the videos using a […]

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audacity how to

Quick Audacity

I’ve been asked how I use Audacity to record my podcasts quickly and easily. Note that I don’t use all the extra features, these are the absolute basics.

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night light relationships

Friends – an important part of nightlight

nightlight Canada Home Page nightlight is a safe place to build meaningful relationships, no matter who you are.

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Homelessness and Nightlight Nightlight exists to combat relational poverty, which often happens to those who are homeless. Help us help others.

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HARO-Help a Reporter Out

The Hustle and Haro to Keep Up-To-Date

The Hustle is a service that sends a daily email with the news and business events you need to know. HARO is a great service to help you find out what are the topics that people and magazines are interested in at the moment. You can also apply to write for them as well as […]

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