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LinkedIn Endorsements

As well as the social marketing aspect, there are a number of features to promote yourself and your business. Two of those features are endorsements and recommendations. Although similar, there are some big differences. A recommendation takes much more time to write and is usually very specific, thoughtfully written, and speaks about the whole person, […]

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Creating a Pinterest Poster With Quozio

Using a site called Quozio, you can quickly create posters to use for Pinterest, other social media platforms, to send by email or save to your computer.

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Are You Neglecting Your Social Media Accounts?

As business owners, we often start with the best intentions and then if we get too busy or it doesn’t seem like a method is working for us, we stop allocating time for that task. But when using social media, that strategy can have negative repercussions. Case in point: I have been searching for a […]

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Pinterest Tips For Businesses

The last time I covered Pinterest on my weekly webinar, we talked about what Pinterest is, discussed boards and how to create them,  and general details about pinning and re-pinning. This past Friday, the topic was more focused on Pinterest for business. We went over the points below and looked at my Pinterest business account. […]

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GooglePlus Tips

What does a cat have to do with GooglePlus? This is one of the fun effects you can use if you’re in a Google Hangout. When your webcam displays your face, it can appear with an animal mask, or with a hat, a crown, or a number of different accessories. I can’t see why that […]

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Social Media – What Is Your Why?

One of the things I like to ask is “Why are you using social media in the first place?” Yes, it’s good for your business, but if you have a plan, you can make the best use of your time. Here are the six most popular reasons (in no special order), and you may identify […]

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If Twitter Were a Dance

Imagine living in 1965 and going to a dance called Twitter. What to do and how to behave, all from the viewpoint of Sally Social and Wanda Workerbee.

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Hootsuite For Organized Social Media

Organize your Hootsuite account into streams, use the Hootlet to quickly share information, and manage your social media accounts quickly and easily.

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