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Broadcasts and Other Email Marketing Terms

When you decide to build an email list in order to share your experiences and your expertise, you’ll need an email provider.  Not your personal email, not Gmail, an actual service meant to send mass emails to the people who want to hear from you. There are a lot of good services. The one I […]

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Add Some Images and Links To WordPress

This week on my Wednesday webinar, we looked at how to add images, video, pdf’s and links to a WordPress post or page. WordPress – Adding Images and Links

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Setting Up WordPress

I’ve done a third webinar for the FEE (Foundation, Expertise, Exposure) series. This time we’ve looked at how to customize your WordPress site once it’s been set up: the appearance, the widgets, the menu, and the plugins. If you have any questions, please let me know on the Contacts page. WordPress Have a great day, […]

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My New Webinar Series

After a few years off, I’ve started doing weekly webinars again. Now that I’m not using GoToWebinar anymore it’s been a bit of a rocky start using less familiar platforms. The first webinar was done using ClickMeeting, but it’s fairly complicated if you want to show your screen or a presentation. So now I’m using […]

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New Territory Ahead?

Are you jumping into new territory this coming year?

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