Productivity Training Intensive

Hi there. I’m so pleased you’ve enjoyed my Productivity Guide and want more. This training is so new it hasn’t even started yet. There are a number of videos I’ve already created as well as a three week live training component (twice a week for an hour each time) that will be starting soon.

All of the sessions will be recorded and available for you to watch and learn. I’m also giving you a special price of only $10 to reward you for your eagerness.

Right now I am still in the process of setting up the training page, so I’m not even adding a payment button here just yet. Instead I’d like you to connect with me on my Contact Page, mention you are interested in the Productivity Training and I will make sure you get all of the details.

We will be meeting live online on Tuesdays and Thursdays for one hour during those three weeks in my zoom room at 1pm. You’ll get all the details once you register. We’ll also have a private Facebook Group for accountability and encouragement. You’ll get that when you register as well.

I almost forgot, you probably want an idea of what the six sessions of training will be about. I’m planning to dive into the five points in the Productivity Guide. Here’s a rough outline of the content:

  • Week One – Mindset – including training on using Zoom, Screencastomatic, and what to look for in a coach or mentor.
  • Week One, Part Two – Focus – as well as the Colorpic tool (and what’s that got to do with focus), we’ll talk about mindmaps, dealing with bright, shiny objects, even how to get back on track when your spouse or your family are constantly interrupting.
  • Week Two – Organizing Your Virtual Space – all kinds of terrific technology tools for timid technophobes (sorry, I couldn’t help myself) such as vCita, Lastpass, Dropbox, WiseStamp, Primo Pdf, and the deadly Windows Snipping Tool. Even a live look at how I organize all my virtual files.
  • Week Two, Part Two – Goals and Planning – Can you tell yet how happy using technology and sharing it with you makes me feel? We’ll talk about various ways to reach your daily goals, including the use of shortcuts like PLR (short for Private Label Rights) and hiring writers.
  • Week Three – My Go-To Tech Tools – lest you think I’ve run out of ideas for using technology tools to increase your productivity, I’ll show you my Internet toolbar and all the handy little buttons I have there. I’ve got a special bonus this week as well that will save you time and money.
  • Week Three, Part Two – Finale – On this last week, we’ll wrap-up the training, answer any questions you have about the tools so far, and talk about the ones I use on a daily basis. We might even have a virtual party!

That’s it. I’ll be adding extra value as the weeks pass, but so far this is the plan. Are you interested? If so, click here and tell me you are!

P.S. As I mentioned in the report, seeing how technology can open your world may cause you to lose sleep imagining all the possibilities. I’ve seen it happen time and again.

Carol Bremner

To your Online Success,