Creating a Screenr Tutorial

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell someone the steps to learn a computer concept. For instance, I recently found out how to create custom menus with WordPress and add pages that automatically go to another website. I tried to explain what I’d done but couldn’t quite get the message across.

Then I found Screenr and created a screencast to show what I meant. Screenr is a great program and made it easy to do my tutorial. I did have to re-do the session a number of times, first because I had to change the size of the screen I wanted to capture and then to shorten the lesson since Screenr videos are limited to five minutes.  Then I didn’t scroll down far enough on the page to see the ‘Publish’ button and wasn’t sure how to continue. Once I realized my mistake, the screencast didn’t take long to finish.

The service is free, easy, and fun to use. Once done, you can share it on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, or add it to your own website as I have. Here is my final product.  I hope it encourages you to give Screenr a try yourself.
Carol Bremner

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    Carol thanks for the very helpful tutorial, I was able to add the page to my gift shop by using it.

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      Good for you Bridget. As with a lot of computer related things, it seems much harder than it really is. I look forward to seeing all the beautiful images in your gift shop!

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