Doing Webinars

I’ve had doing webinars on my goals list for this year, but have been feeling intimidated by the technology. I’ve tried three or four different programs and had trouble with all of them. So I was more than happy when Carol Glover of Firehorse Consulting asked if I would be interested in presenting a bonus social media webinar for her clients. It was just the push I needed, so I eagerly agreed.

We did a test run a few days before, had a number of glitches and managed to sort them all out. Then on the day of the webinar, we had some different problems that were corrected with moments to spare. Now I was getting nervous and sounded it at the beginning. But as the session continued, I began to relax and really enjoyed doing a webinar. Now I want to learn everything I can about webinars so that I can do them on a regular basis. Tonight,¬† my NAMS membership is hosting an open webinar to talk about everything related to hosting your own webinars. I’m hoping to get a lot of extra tips as a result.

 Until next time, Carol

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