Dragon Naturally Speaking

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11 Home by Nuance

I recently purchased Dragon Naturally Speaking version 9.  This speech recognition software turns talk into text and is faster and more accurate than typing.  E-mail, instant messaging and surfing the web can all by done by voice.

So far, I like the program very much. I found that I had to teach it how I speak, which took me about three half hour sessions. After that, it worked surprisingly well.

There are two versions, standard and preferred. The main differences are that the preferred version also transcribes recordings from handheld digital recorders, has wireless microphone support, and turns text into speech. The preferred version also plays back your dictation so that you can correct it, inserts your signature or logo with a simple voice command, and allows you to import and export user files for any PC.

I find that it for what I need a standard version is fine.  I can create e-mail, instant messages and documents simply by speaking.  There’s a microphone headset included as well.  So far I am quite amazed at the speed and accuracy of the Dragon Naturally Speaking software.


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