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While Twitter is my favourite social marketing tool, it works even better when coupled with Facebook. Not the personal Facebook site that you may share with your family and close friends. For your business, it’s best to create a Facebook Fan page.

To accomplish that, go to the Facebook main page and at the bottom “Create a Page”.¬† Your Fan Page title should contain the keywords that potential customers are looking for when they search for your product or service. By using some of the additional Facebook apps, you can supply contact information, articles you’ve written, and a questions and answers page. Include an opt-in form to add people to a mailing list in return for some¬† valuable free information on your topic .

Once you’ve set up the Fan Page, it can be linked to your Twitter account. That way, you build a following on both social sites with minimal work on your part. Facebook and Twitter, along with your photo and links back to your website, provide a way for people to Know, Like, and Trust you – all crucial factors before a potential client spends their hard earned money.

Do you have a fan page? Please comment and let us know so we can ‘like’ it!


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