Hard To Believe

Hard to believe that summer has ended and we’re already a week into October. And harder to believe that I haven’t been able to write a blog post since the end of July. The more time went by, the worse I felt about it. But one thing after another happened in my life and time kept passing by.

The beginning of August, I was off to Atlanta to the NAMS (Novice to Advanced Marketing) four day conference that I attend twice a year. I always get a lot out of the time, both in learning the latest short cuts and ideas and in networking opportunities with some of the smartest online marketers in the country. One big difference this time was that I was going as an instructor, not an attendee. It was the fulfillment of a dream and proves you’re never too old. It was exciting, encouraging, and a big boost to my self-confidence. My topic was building online exposure with free courses.

Then as soon as I got back from Atlanta, my husband and I started preparing for a train trip across the country. We drove to Buffalo, went by train to Chicago and then another train to Seattle – a total of four days since there were delays along the way and we had to spend one night in a hotel in Chicago. Amtrak has amazing customer service though, and paid for our hotel rooms, even though there were about 100 passengers to serve. Our trip back was less eventful and took only three days. From Seattle, we made our way to Vancouver where we spent a wonderful week with two of our sons, taking in so many of the sites of that beautiful city.

My motherAs the saying goes: It never rains but it pours. We were barely back from Vancouver when my dear mother came down with a severe bone infection and the entire month of September was spent caring for her. Thankfully, she is starting to recover, although will need to be on antibiotics for at least three months. This photo above is my mother when she served as an Air Force colonel during the war.

All of this to tell you that I’m sorry it’s been so long since the last post. Next time I write, it will be to share some of the tips I picked up at NAMS.

For all of you in Canada, have a great ThanksgivingĀ  long weekend. My family have come from the states and out west to celebrate mom’s 90th birthday, and thanks to our prayers and modern medicine, she will be able to enjoy it.

To your online success,

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