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BloggerAnyone can start a blog, without expense, by using the free blog software at

Filled with easy to create modules, Blogger offers a simple way to test the interest in your new idea, to send traffic to other sites, to establish yourself as an expert in your field, and to collect names of interested possible customers. You can even make money with your blog by inserting adsense ads and links to affiliate products.

Blogger is a great way for older people to capture their experiences and knowledge for the sake of future generations. Although not the best choice for your main web presence since Blogger has been known to delete the blogs of those it deems improper or too sales focused, it’s fine as a secondary site or a main one for non-businesses.

Did I mention that Google loves Blogger blogs and grants them a place in the search engine rankings fairly quickly? I also use Blogger as extra content to feed into my main site using its RSS capability. RSS is the Internet equivelant to having a syndicated newspaper column that shows up in one newspaper initially and is broadcast to others as well.

Have I convinced you yet? Why not try out some of the features Blogger has to offer and add it to your arsenal of online promotional tools?


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