How Do You Keep Current?

Reading summaries of current business books (as mentioned in my last post) is one way to keep up with trends and information. There are many others, including reading the business section of the newspapers, reading various business magazines, reading business books from the library or your local bookstore.

Whatever your method of keeping current, time is involved, so you want your time to count. I like to keep up with business and Internet practices by using the time that my brain would otherwise be taking a vacation.

For instance, I exercise on a mini trampoline set up near my computer. That way I can watch informational or tutorial videos while I work out. I download text from business ebooks to my ebook reader and read it whenever I have to wait – in line, at the doctor’s office, etc. And I download audio podcasts to my iPod to listen to while I walk or do the dishes.

Whatever your method of keeping current, there will always be more information available than you could ever absorb. Part of being a life-long learner is deciding what you need to know and what you can safely ignore. How do you keep current in an ever changing world?



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