Importance of Having a Web Address

When looking at the local paper last night, I was surprised to see how many businesses have yet to show an online presence to their customers. Even the local computer store didn’t have a website listed on their ad.

Did you realize that most people under 40 never look at a phone book? So if you don’t have a web presence, whether it’s a site or a blog, you are invisible as far as many people are concerned.

Another mistake I found on a number of the ads was giving an email address that ended in hotmail, yahoo, or gmail. Not a very professional looking image when you use a free email account. Along with a web address, you should have a corresponding email address. For instance, – much more impressive.

Like it or not, the future of business lies very much with the Internet, no matter what your business. I hope when I read your ad, that’s where it leads me. Does it?


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