Is It Time?

foundationI hope you’re having a great Saturday. Even though it’s cold and snowy here, the sun has been brightly shining. Makes me almost feel like going outside. Almost. I went out yesterday to watch the grandkids toboggan and ended up having to go sit in the car because my feet were so cold. My husband is from Northern Ontario so he just shakes his head when I’m such a sissy. Even the 3 year old lasted longer than I did.

I have been getting more exercise lately though. I’ve started roller skating every Tuesday morning. The first time was a bit stressful since I hadn’t been on skates for over 25 years. But I’m getting better and more confident every time and really enjoying it. I guess practice does make perfect!

So is it time for you to get out of your comfort zone too? If it is, and you’ve been wanting to either take your business/expertise online or feel more comfortable with Internet marketing, I have a solution for you.

For a total of four Wednesday nights, I did a Foundation Bootcamp. I worked together live online with some entrepreneurs and all the recordings were added to a special members area where you’ll also be able to interact and ask questions about your business venture.

Although the Bootcamp is over, you can still join the group at

You’ll see there are some bonus videos already in the course and more will be added in future. The price for the recorded course is now $97 and there are some other options if you want individual coaching or the done for you option.

I really hope you can join me in the Foundation Bootcamp. I’m looking forward to showing you that you don’t need to be a techy to run your own website/blog and email campaigns.

That link again is

I look forward to working with you!


P.S. Don’t let any more time go by without your own WordPress website/blog.
Click here for more information.




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