It’s Not Just Hurricane Season

Being Ready
During hurricane season we see how people prepare by stocking up on supplies, boarding up their homes, doing whatever they can to be ready.

Whenever there is the possibility of a change that could affect our lives, we like to do whatever we can to meet the challenges. Here in Canada we have fire drills at schools so our children know exactly what to do if the fire alarm went off. At my daughter’s place in Tennessee, the kids have tornado drills for the same reason.

Even when it comes to good things, like weddings, we like to be prepared and know that we’ve done all we can to cause a positive outcome.

Can a Hurricane Be Helpful?
There’s another kind of hurricane brewing in the online world – elearning.  According to the stats, 2020 is set to break records for people wanting to access learning online. That’s a good kind of hurricane.

I know from my own experience that hardly a week goes by lately that I’m not approached by a new e-learning company from somewhere in the world asking if I’d allow them to add my courses to their supply. They’ve found me because over the years I’ve been creating video tutorials to help people use helpful tools and software instead of being intimidated by technology. I didn’t realize it, but I’ve been strengthening my business house so it can stand against the waves of competition.

Are You Prepared?
Every day thousands of people search the Internet for solutions for a host of problems. How are you preparing to take your expertise online and share it with people who need your guidance? Are you doing what you can now so that you won’t someday regret that you weren’t prepared when an opportunity came?

This week I’m participating in my very first group sale and the reason is because I was prepared.  A few months ago I became a member of the Laptop Lifestyle Youniversity and when I found out they were organizing something special, I didn’t have much time to get a product ready to sell. But because I’ve been creating courses I was ready to offer one of them for the bundle. My work of preparation paid off. And now you get to benefit too, by choosing any of the items for only $5 each (all of them are worth a lot more than that).

These digital offers include:

Social Media – learn to schedule, to optimize your Facebook page, even add some custom graphics

Marketing, Making Money & Websites – all kinds of offerings here, including planners and cheatsheets

Product & Content Creation – blogging, podcasting, and my Udemy Workshop

Attracting & Keeping Clients – even a course on reputation management by Connie Ragen Green

Self-Improvement, Money & Mindset – the Stop the Self-Sabotage Masterclass is one I’ll have to take a closer look at

Pre-Created Content – perfect if you need articles, graphics, or quotes you can use

Health, Wellness & Family – some great looking titles here

There are 42 deals for only $5 each including a 14 Day trial to the Laptop Lifestyle YOUniversity – the membership that loves to teach you how to be free! I haven’t been a member that long, but I love the community atmosphere that is being built and Angela Wills is someone I’ve known personally for a long time and have appreciated her smart, gutsy willingness to get out there and do whatever it takes, not only to succeed, but to help others do the same.

I intend to take a close look and see which of these products will be useful to me as I prepare for the challenges that come up in my business and life and I encourage you to as well!

What do you need to help you get ready to leave your mark on the world?
See what’s being offered by going to September Special

P.S. The sale is only on for this week – it ends Friday, so don’t put it off.


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