Keeping Your Focus

One of the hardest things about conducting business online is keeping a clear focus. It seems almost every day I’m enticed by a new product that would make my online life much easier. If only these were junk advertisements, I wouldn’t be distracted. But many of the offers really are helpful for building an online business. That is, if you have the time and energy to learn how to use them properly.

I hate to admit the number of times I’ve purchased products or services for my Internet business and then found I had neither the time or the skills to implement them. For instance, I had a webinar service set up so that I could do regular training online. But it’s been three months now and I still haven’t had time to figure out how to use it, let alone market the training sessions.

On the one hand, we need to keep up with all of the new technology. On the other, we need to concentrate on those things that will build our businesses. A fine line, and one that I am still having trouble walking.


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