Keeping Yourself Informed

One of the hardest and yet most necessary things about marketing on the Internet is keeping up-to-date on current information. That involves following and interacting with experts – both online and off.

For instance, I attended Podcamp this past weekend in Toronto. Billed as an ‘unconference’, experts from a number of different fields come together to share their experiences involving social media and uses of the Internet. Three of the sessions I attended, Blogger, WordPress, and Youtube, are topics I’m very familiar with. But I went in case there were any changes I need to know about. I travel to marketer’s conferences throughout North America as well. Not only do I keep up with my field, but I make valuable connections with a number of like-minded individuals.

Subscribing to email updates from Mari Smith, Social Media Examiner, and other experts in the online marketing and social media fields is another way I keep my information current. Services such as  Twitter and Google Alerts  keep me abreast of changes as they happen. Although all of these things take time, the value I can add to my work with clients is worth the extra effort. Constant education also allows me to find short-cuts that save time in other ways.

Business, and especially Internet business, is constantly changing.  Are you using every opportunity to keep informed and current?



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    It can be quite overwhelming staying informed, things change so quickly, I find forums helpful for staying current.

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      I find forums very helpful as well. Keeping up with the experts is much easier than trying to learn all about everything yourself:)

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