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LinkedIn Endorsements As well as the social marketing aspect, there are a number of features to promote yourself and your business. Two of those features are endorsements and recommendations. Although similar, there are some big differences.

A recommendation takes much more time to write and is usually very specific, thoughtfully written, and speaks about the whole person, not just their skill set. On the other hand, a LinkedIn endorsement can be done with the click of a mouse and you can choose as many pre-written skills as you like. The photo above is a screen shot of my endorsements. Although I only chose a few skills, other people also added skills they thought I possessed.

Since endorsements are so much easier, they are also often misused. People will endorse you, sometimes without even knowing who you are, because they want you to endorse them in return. But endorsements should be given wisely. Although they don’t take long to do, your reputation is at stake since you are vouching for the experience of the person you are endorsing.

Next time you’re tempted to accept all of LinkedIn’s endorsement recommendations, take an extra few minutes instead. Unless you’re sure a skill can be done well, it’s better not to endorse it than to lose your credibility.

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