Looking Toward the Future

Clouds During My FlightLook at those clouds! I could almost reach out and touch them from my window seat as we flew overhead.

Time has passed quickly since October 2016, when I was on that plane, on my way home from a four day mastermind retreat in Pensicola Beach, Florida with seven other amazing business women from all over North America.

We spent all of our time together, other than short solitary walks on the beach across the road from our house. As we cooked and ate together, talked about our challenges and successes, and spent time working together on our goals, magic happened.

We all had different businesses, from writers to coaches, to a web designer, and even a lady who makes her living shopping and then selling the merchandise on Amazon.

The time included mindset work, which I’ve never done, and I realized I don’t need to keep on learning, I need to start helping more people. That’s hard for me since I love to learn and tend to get distracted.

The mindset exercises led me to realizing my vision for my future is to found a women’s business incubator that would not only help established entrepreneurs, but it would help and encourage marginalized women as well. After all, you become the people you associate with and if these ladies could drop-in and rub shoulders with confident, motivated women it would uplift their view of themselves and their futures. I’ve been volunteering at both a local women’s prison and a homeless shelter, so helping these women is on my heart.

I can see what I want in my head and right now I’m researching grants, possible locations, asking women if they might be interested, things like that. I’ll be sharing more in the future, as the path becomes clearer.  I’m also working on a membership site and updating my courses because like all dreams, this one will need not only hard work, but money.

That’s all for now. The future is exciting!

Have a great rest of the week and I look forward to telling you more about my vision.

To Your Best Life,

P.S. I’m still available for coaching, so If you want individual help becoming comfortable with technology, please fill out my contact form and let me know how I can be of service to you.

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