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One of the things most helpful to my business has been to join a mastermind group. I’ve been an Elite member of Lynn Terry’s Clicknewz Forum for a number of years now.

This past year I’ve become more involved and am achieving more success as a result. We meet for a weekly brainstorming webinar, then  post our goals for the following week to keep accountable. As the members work on our various projects, we get much needed advice and feedback from one another. All of this is done in a private and very supportive environment.

Lynn Terry is a highly respected Internet marketer,  known for her caring and genuine personality. The  Elites are so popular that Lynn often has to close membership to keep the high standard of her forum.

As an extension of this idea, members of your group could take turns commenting on one of the member’s blogs, tweeting about them, promoting that group member whenever possible. Then the next week, those marketing tools could be used to help one of the other people in the mastermind.

If you want to take your business to a higher level,  join a mastermind group. Whether online like Lynn’s, or a local offline get-together, regular meetings with others who share the same challenges and goals (although totally different businesses) is extremely beneficial. Even though the advice of your peers is sometimes hard to take, as was the case when one of my websites was critiqued, the result will be worth it.

Do you meet with a mastermind group? If not, how do you keep yourself accountable?

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    • Lynn Terry
    • August 30, 2009

    It’s been a pleasure having you as a member of the SSWT community, Carol! Your motivation and success is truly inspiring. I look forward to continuing to work with & alongside you in our mastermind group!


      • Carol
      • September 4, 2009

      Thank you Lynn. You’ve been an inspiration to all of us and I’m proud to be an Elite.

  1. Reply

    I love having you in our mastermind group and it was great to sit next to you while we learned stuff this August in Atlanta 🙂

      • Carol
      • September 4, 2009

      It was nice to get to know you in person Loretta and I had a great time learning too.

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