These days I’ve got a lot of preparation work to do. I’m presenting a series of six day long workshops in the fall, on various aspects of doing business on the Internet. As well, I’ll have a booth at the MeFest women’s show in Waterloo in October.

Although it may seem that I have a lot of time before these events, I know from experience that I need to be doing a little every day to prepare. One of the things I find most helpful is using a mindmap. I start by drawing a box in the middle of a large sheet of paper and writing my main topic inside. Then I draw spokes to sub-topics, then more spokes to sub-sub-topics, and on and on. For a computer based approach, you can go to mindomo to see their online mindmapping software.

If you are a visual person, try mindmapping and see if it simplifies planning for you. My productivity has really increased since I’ve gone from lists to mindmaps. Let me know if you use them too.



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