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Small businesses are really starting to jump on the social media bandwagon. They are finally realizing how beneficial marketing this way can be. I just listened to a case study from a company called Naked Pizza that reported $200,000 in extra business as a result of using Twitter. People learn to know, like, and trust you. The result is word of mouth advertising that does more to promote your business than all of the paid advertising that you could do.

I took my granddaughter for a walk today and stopped in at a local children’s consignment store. The owner has a website and I was curious as to how she promotes herself online. I found out that the store has a Facebook Fan page. Recently, the store had a special sale which was advertised in a number of places, including Facebook. The result was an extremely successful day. Each of the customers were asked how they found out about the sale. The answer – the Facebook Fan page. If you’re still wondering whether social marketing is effective, talk to business owners that have taken the plunge and see how enthusiastic they are about the results.


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    Thanks for the Shout out. Social Media is a core component of our mission of reciprocity, engagement and impact. We have something to say, we know how to listen and we want to engage as many people as possible to fulfill our mission. So far so good.

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